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(Preparation for Marriage)

Defy the divorce statistics!  Our thorough approach includes:

PREPARE analysis

  • PREPARE is a Relationship Inventory, a tool which evaluates several aspects of the proposed marriage. John is highly experienced in using this tool.
  • See PREPARE/ENRICH for more information.

Coaching on Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Building Intimacy.

  • In counselling we find that these are common factors when a marriage is in trouble. We aim to give you the tools to resolve issues that arise.

Counselling for Relational Issues.

  • We provide counselling for any specific issues in this or previous relationships.

Counselling for Personal Emotional Health.

  • If you want good relationships in your life, the first thing you need is a good relationship with yourself.


You can start with a good marriage which then gets better. Ask us how.

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