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The Scenic Marriage


John the Marriage Coach and his beautiful Assistant Coach

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What is a Scenic Marriage?

Suppose you want to drive from Adelaide to Melbourne. The usual route would take you up the Southeastern Freeway, through towns like Tailem Bend, Bordertown, Nhill (not an inspiring name!) etc, until you reach Melbourne, a drive of about 8 hours. Then you might say "Thank God, we made it".

Alternatively, you could drive down past the Coorong, through towns like Port Fairy, Warrnambool, and you would see the Great Ocean Road along the way. It can be done in a day, but it's better to break the journey and give yourself time to enjoy the scenery, and explore the fascinating places along the way.

Marriage is a journey.

Do you want to race along the freeway of marriage with a goal of just getting to the end of the journey, see nil on the way, and say "Thank God we made it", or would you rather take the scenic route, and enjoy the journey, exploring all the little side-tracks that can make the journey so interesting.

That's a Scenic Marriage!

In our seminar, we give couples coaching on ways to communicate and resolve their conflicts effectively, and to keep the marriage positive by working on intimacy.

It's inspiring, it's positive, it's educational, and it's fun!

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